Chelsea Marburger

Senior Manager of Entrepreneurial Programming

Chelsea Marburger serves as the Senior Manager of Entrepreneurial Programming at Elevate Ventures. In this role, she builds critical relationships with university partners while developing and executing various entrepreneurial training programs within Elevate Nexus.

Prior to her role at Elevate, Chelsea served as Executive Director of the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association where she led policy, technical and program development, and communication for a community of 16,000 people. She also managed a $3M Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant scaling various programs across the state during her time at Complete College America.

Chelsea is motivated to expand opportunities for students, make intentional connections, and champion individuality along with innovation. In this vein, she also founded Project Purse Indianapolis, a 501(c)3 that provided purses packed with toiletries, feminine hygiene, first aid and more, to over 10,000 people throughout central Indiana by re-envisioning the multilevel marketing model to serve vulnerable populations of women.

  • What is the most important thing you do for Elevate Ventures’ clients/constituents? Nexus provides programming that no only meets early-stage entrepreneurs where they are but also thinks creatively and collaboratively to serve our more seasoned companies to drive their success.
  • What motivates you? I am motivated by access and efficiency. We are all given a finite amount of time to see our ideas realized and by creating accessible programming in the most efficient way possible, we are able to make an even larger impact.
  • What from your past experience directly impacts your work today? Not only have I personally felt the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship personally, I’ve also worked in the higher education space scaling programs across the country with Complete College America. Both experiences contributed greatly to Nexus nearly tripling our participation from higher ed institutions in Indiana.