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Community-driven, early-stage venture capital

Focused on developing and investing in high-potential, high-growth entrepreneurs in Indiana.

Who are you?

The Entrepreneur

Our team is full of people just like you who are committed to reducing the barrier of entry to entrepreneurship, staying with you throughout the process, and helping you realize your vision.


The Investor

We are consistently pinpointing the most innovative minds in the state and supporting them with critical capital, connections, and resources so they can reach success and you can get the most out of your investment.


The main challenges entrepreneurs face in Indiana

  • Lack of true investment

    • The number one problem is not finding money, it’s finding investment. True investment involves guidance and connections in addition to capital.
  • Confusion

    • Many entrepreneurs are unaware of how to pursue investment. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always clear and some firms aren’t transparent.
  • Developing ecosystem

    • Despite its incredible potential, Indiana currently ranks in the bottom half of the percentage of the population in the US starting new businesses.

Indiana Ranks


in venture capital invested


in percentage of population starting new businesses


in startup early job creation

“This is an inspiring quote about how the pain points of being an entrepreneur in Indiana were all taken care of when I worked with Elevate. They’re a game-changer for anyone with an amazing idea!”


An investment philosophy centered on entrepreneurs

Early Investment

We recognize just how crucial it is for entrepreneurs to gain support early. While many firms claim to invest early only to backtrack later, we rank #5 in early-stage investment globally. We are committed equally to the entrepreneur and their idea.

Support at Every Stage

Too often, entrepreneurs are not given support and coaching until after investment. At Elevate, we spend an average of 4 months with a company if we see potential, even before officially investing.

Intentional Regional Focus

We want to help entrepreneurs in Indiana win. That’s why we have entrepreneurs-in-residence who understand the nuanced challenges each region may present to founders as they build their businesses. Our EIRs have helped companies in 86 out of the 92 counties in Indiana.

Where we invest

High-growth, high-potential entrepreneurs working in:

Advanced Food & Agriculture

Advanced Manufacturing, Defense, and Aerospace

Drug Development, Life Science, & Medical Devices

Technology-Enabled Products, Services, & Security


3,267+ entrepreneurs
impacted and poised for success


venture capital firm in the Great Lakes region


Indiana startups have received funding from Elevate


invested by Elevate


globally in early-stage investment


co-invested alongside Elevate

Our portfolio of companies

Featured Companies

“Elevate Ventures helped take my company from a napkin sketch to a thriving business. They didn’t just invest money, they invested in me and my idea with guidance, connections to other entrepreneurs, and mentors to move me along. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!”