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How Do We Excite, Manage, and Retain the Tech Team?

By: Josh Bersin | via Bersin by Deloitte

The world of tech is possibly the most dynamic and competitive talent market in the world. Josh Bersin facilitated a TalkRadio session with two IT leaders, Steve Safier, IT and HR leader at Panasonic and John Higginson of Wheel, to discuss how to retain and manage a highly technical workforce.

During their discussion, they covered topics like:
1) Technical people love to work on great projects.
2) Focus on culture, not “heroes”.
3) Give people opportunities to speak up.
4) Forget the hierarchy. Manage people in small teams.
5) Give people an opportunity to learn and grow.
6) Build a culture of coaching, not just “output”.

To read the summary notes from the discussion, click here: