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Julia French


Julia French is an Investment Analyst who has a love of math and numbers. She holds a BA in Mathematics from Marian University and minored in Business and Theatre. One of her biggest duties is generating reports that involve investment and co-investment numbers. Throughout her time at Elevate, she has enjoyed becoming proficient in Excel and in creating complex formulas to make tasks easier. One of her favorite things about Elevate is its ability to help many small companies of varying industries.

In addition to Elevate, she has worked in technical theatre for 11 years, specifically in set construction and light design, including making 3D models of sets in AutoCAD and Unity 3D. Outside of work, Julia has a love for music and has played violin for 14 years and piano for 10 years.

  • Any “did you know?” random facts about yourself to share?: I play violin and piano. I love animals, especially cats.
  • What motivates you? Helping others, even if it is just simple things such as small tasks.
  • What is your core competency and how do you think it impacts your work at Elevate? Other than math and dealing with numbers, I am able to quickly learn how to do different tasks and teach myself how to use different resources such as software in a short period of time.