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Matthew Hope


Matthew serves as an Analyst with Elevate Ventures and plays a strong role in conducting due diligence and internal reporting. He is passionate about working to improve Elevate’s reporting processes and streamlining internal procedures. Matthew attended Purdue University in 2017 as an Evans Scholar. He had the opportunity to serve on a pair of executive board teams while at Purdue before graduating in December 2021 with a B.S. in Materials Engineering. Matthew was brought on to the Elevate Ventures team through the Orr Fellowship. Outside of work, Matthew can be found spending his free time watching Purdue sports, on the golf course, or in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

  • What motivates you? I am motivated by the potential to refine and improve Elevate Ventures’ internal processes and procedures to increase efficiency, which allows the members of Elevate to spend more time actively serving the startup community in Indiana.
  • What from your past experience directly impacts your work today? I have a primarily technical background from my experience with engineering-based internships and college coursework at Purdue. This background enables me to have an in-depth understanding and make informed decisions regarding the engineering/technical-related startups that Elevate considers for its investment portfolio.
  • Any “did you know?” random facts about yourself to share. Throughout my four years at Purdue, I ate at the same Mexican restaurant every single Friday. I want to bring this tradition to Indianapolis and have identified a local Mexican restaurant as my new go-to!