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NeurAxis Inc. is a growth stage company focused on developing neuromodulation therapies to address chronic and debilitating conditions in children.  NeurAxis is dedicated to advancing the science with its’ proprietary Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Field Stimulation (PENFS) technology and we believe that superior science, evidence-based research, and building on its unparalleled body of clinical evidence is necessary for adoption by the medical and scientific community.   With one FDA indication in the market, a recently effective CPT code specific to our technology, growing insurance coverage, and additional clinical trials of PENFS in multiple pediatric conditions underway, we are poised to scale the technology focused on unmet healthcare needs in children.  Founded in 2012, with headquarters in Carmel, IN, NeurAxis is committed to increasing awareness and broad access to this ground-breaking technology for children.

NeurAxis is searching for a CFO to oversee the financial operations of the organization. You’ll collaborate with other members of the C-Suite and be responsible for all financial concerns within the company. You should have prior experience as a CFO at a firm with complex financials and a large balance sheet to succeed in this position.  A CFO must have a thorough understanding of all elements of financial management, from basic accounting to wide investment and banking operations. To achieve full financial management and sustainable growth, the objective is to protect the company’s revenues and earnings.

CFO Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist with high-level policy and strategic choices.
  • Budget, report, and audit all areas where you will oversee the company’s finances.
  • Ensure that legal and regulatory documentation is filed, and that rules and regulations are followed.
  • Identify and address the company’s financial risks and possibilities.
  • Manage the team for financial reporting and budgeting tasks.
  • Work closely with the CEO and the executive team to establish the strategic plan.

CFO Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Strong financial and accounting experience, with knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management, as well as basic finance and budgeting.
  • Corporate governance experience is preferred.
  • Budget management, public accounting, and cash flow skills.

CFO Preferences:

  • Indiana Resident
  • Med-Tech or Healthcare Experience
  • Capital Markets / Public Markets Experience

To apply, please send your resume to Brian Carrico at