Elevate Ventures 2018 Indiana Venture Report

Elevate Ventures 2018 Indiana Venture Report

IThe Elevate Ventures 2018 Indiana Venture Report is an assessment of venture investment activity in Indiana for the calendar year. This activity is compared across different sectors, firms and stages. Indiana’s economic opportunities and venture capital activity are also compared to other Great Lakes and Midwest states: Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.The 2018 Indiana Venture Report reveals:

  • “Dollars-per-deal” in 2018 for Seed, Early and Later stage venture capital deals in Indiana was one of the lowest over the past 10 years despite the number of deals is trending up
  • More then $112B in venture capital was invested in the U.S. in nearly 7,000 companies in 2018
  • Indiana accounted for 0.22% of all venture capital dollars
  • 75 venture capital deals were reported in Indiana in 2018 – ranking as the 4th highest in amount of deals reported from the seven Midwest states
  • Indiana venture capital deals totaled $253M with a median deal size of $1.05M and average deal size of $3.4M
  • 72% of all venture capital deals reported in Indiana in 2018 were less than $5M
  • More than 70% of 2018 venture capital deals were in the Central region of the state

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*The primary source of investment information used in the 2018 Indiana Venture Report was PitchBook Data Inc. in conjunction with Elevate Ventures’ proprietary deal information and data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Tax Foundation, Crunchbase Inc. and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.