Committed Beyond Capital Committed Beyond Capital

We invest in cross-sector innovation-driven companies at Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages who are headquartered or have a significant presence in the state of Indiana.

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Elevate Ventures

We provide funding and guidance for entrepreneurs at every stage.


Critical Initial Capital for Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs

Founders we partner with:

  • Exhibit grit, creativity and coachability
  • Have a clean legal and financial structure
  • Are building clear solutions to real pain points


  • Sources founders with great ideas
  • Validates pain point and proposed solution
  • Provides initial guidance to obtain capital


Funding Founder-Led Sales

Founders we partner with:

  • Exhibit relentless selling of initial product [or clear regulatory roadmap]
  • Have secured sales and technical talent
  • Have established a clean legal and financial structure


  • Invests in founders selling MVP’s
  • Advises on financial and legal structure
  • Introduces founders to key partners

Series A

Powering Product Market Fit

Founders we partner with:

  • Have achieved product market fit
  • Have an established and clear go-to-market strategy
  • Have secured key personnel


  • Has a deep understanding of unit economics
  • Assists with talent recruitment
  • Provides value-add BOD member or observer

Innovation Capital of the World™

Innovation Capital of the World™

Why Indiana

We have the right ingredients to make our state the ideal place to start and scale your business.

Just a few recent rankings.

Why Indiana?


  • #1 Best Airport in North America
  • #1 Best Infrastructure
  • Top 4 State in Clean Energy Capacity in Development


  • #1 Largest Medical School
  • #1 Most Innovative School in the Midwest
  • #1 Agricultural & Biological Engineering School

Mission Critical Industries

  • #1 Orthopedics Capital of the World
  • #2 Worldwide Exporter of Life Sciences
  • #1 Advanced Manufacturing Jobs


  • #1 Best Place to Start a Tech Company
  • #2 Best Place to Start a Business
  • Two Top 25 Best Cities to Start a Business


  • #1 Best Children’s Museum in the US
  • #1 Best Place to Live
  • Racing Capital of the World

Cost of Living

  • #1 Best Market for First-Time Home Buyers
  • #1 Best Place for Renters
  • #1 Most Affordable Cities

Regulatory Environment

  • #1 Regulatory Environment
  • 3.2% Personal Income Tax Rate
  • 4.9% Corporate Tax Rate

We invest in cross-sector innovation-driven enterprises through our core pillars of Community, Capital and Acceleration.

As the #1 seed and early-stage venture capital firm in the Great Lakes Region and Top 20 in the World, we are building a robust innovation ecosystem with companies, customers and mission-critical partners that fuel founders.

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