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Elevate 2024 Application

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Please include any supporting materials. This could include investor presentations, financial models, capitalization tables, or anything else you think would be helpful for us in reviewing your application. 

We ask that at a minimum you include a pitch deck. 

Demographic Information

General Eligibility Requirements
Elevate Ventures invests in qualified Indiana businesses that:
  • Have 500 or fewer employees 
  • Are headquartered in the State of Indiana or have committed to, or are in the process of, initiating, expanding and/or consolidating operations in the State of Indiana 
  • Are primarily focused on the commercialization of research and development, technology transfer, the application of new technology, or are determined by Elevate Advisors to have significant potential to: 
    • Bring substantial capital into Indiana 
    • Create jobs 
    • Diversify the business base of Indiana 
    • Generate eventual financial returns 
  • Have, or will have at least fifty percent (50%) of its employees residing in Indiana, or seventy-five percent (75%) of its assets located in Indiana 
  • Have had average annual revenues less than fifty million dollars ($50,000,000) in its two (2) most recent fiscal years and 
  • Are not engaged in a business involving real estate, real estate development, insurance, professional services provided by an accountant or a lawyer or a physician, retail sales (except when the primary purpose of the business is the development or support of electronic commerce using the internet), or oil and gas exploration