Fueling Founders Fueling Founders

We believe Indiana is the Innovation Capital of the World™. We are not just investors. We are former founders ourselves. Elevate Ventures is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs through investment and collaboration. There’s a world of opportunity out there, and we love helping innovation-driven founders reach it. We turn sparks into high-octane rocket fuel to help take our portfolio companies—and our state—to the next level. We didn’t start the fire. But we sure are fueling it.


Empowering Worldchangers

We partner with innovative entrepreneurs to provide strategic capital, support, mentorship and other resources to transform promising ideas into transformative businesses. Elevate Ventures is dedicated to guiding visionaries through every stage of their entrepreneurial journey for sustainable growth and success.


Illuminating Strategic Opportunities

We have deep relationships with a vast network of investors, and we happily share deal flow with them. It’s all possible thanks to our collaborative DNA rooted in entrepreneurship experience and deep desire for you to be successful. With your permission, we syndicate investments and share due diligence with our network of co-investors.

"We are not merely passive spectators of the future, we are active architects shaping it!"
– Toph Day, CEO

Together We Rise

We are the visionaries behind RALLY  We are building the world’s largest cross-sector innovation experience, bringing together disparate stakeholders and cross-sector companies to supercharge learning, talent acquisition, and capital raising. Elevate collaborates with countless partners to make it easier for you to navigate the innovation ecosystem and is committed to fostering a robust, diverse and impactful entrepreneurial community in Indiana.  We intentionally support diverse founders to ensure we are all elevated together. 

Capital for Founders

We are a unique venture capital firm through our ability to invest in cross-sector innovative companies throughout the Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages.  Being the #1 most active seed and early stage in the Great Lakes region and top 20 in the world means we have the knowledge, experience and resources to help make your entrepreneurial journey more efficient. We invest through convertible notes or equity and write checks from $20K to $2M in any given round, and up to $8M in any given company, depending on your stage and growth.

Acceleration Through Resources

Resources are at the core of Elevate Ventures’ mission. Our programs and services are designed to help you at each stage of your growth. Every startup’s next milestone is a different path forward, and as a trusted partner who has walked the entrepreneur’s journey, we are here to help. Whether it is through early-stage resources such as Elevate Origins, pitch deck review & recommendations, industry expert introductions, or post-investment support through Elevate+, we want you to be successful.

We invest in cross-sector innovation-driven enterprises through our three core pillars of Community, Capital and Acceleration.

As the #1 seed and early-stage venture capital firm in the Great Lakes Region and Top 20 in the World, we’re not just founders and funders: we are building a robust innovation ecosystem with companies, customers and mission-critical partners that fuel founders.