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Brightlamp’s New App Targets Concussions

February 22, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – The chief executive officer of Brightlamp Inc. says the company’s new app, Reflex, could change the way athletic trainers treat concussions on the field. Kurtis Sluss, who first began developing the app as an undergrad at Purdue, says it works like a pupilometer- measuring the size and dilation of a person’s eye. Reflex is able to gather that data via cell phone and send it to a doctor for diagnosis.

In an interview on Inside INdiana Business with Kylie Veleta, Sluss said recent issues with concussions in the NFL inspired the app.

“We were watching the news breaking about the NFL and concussions relating to it and we walked through the patient journey and every time someone gets their bell rung, the number one thing they check is their eyes.” Sluss said, “It was simple from there to begin conceptualizing a product and we stuck with that primary goal because we believe it’s an admirable goal but it’s also a very underserved market.”

Sluss says Brightlamp is in the process of developing the app even further to be user friendly for parents, coaches and the average person on the sidelines.