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Diginotes announced the launch and public availability of its mobile application.

February 6, 2019

Caregivers using Diagnotes on their smartphones or tablets can communicate with each other or patients via text, voice message or video chats.

“Allowing providers to communicate with patients the same way they communicate with one another is a natural evolution of our inclusive platform,” said Diagnotes CEO Dave Wortman, who also is a co-founder. “Better communication results in smoother transitions of care in the weeks following a hospital stay, and ultimately fewer avoidable readmissions and better adherence to physician orders and medication.”

Diagnotes users can communicate about chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, wound care and infection control, pain management and prescription refill requests.

The app is free for patients and their caregivers to use. It is available for download in app stores and can be used on any iOS or Android mobile device.