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Matt Tyner

Managing Partner

In his role as Managing Partner, Matt manages investment activities for Elevate’s early and growth-stage investment funds. Matt has a wealth of experience in the technology sector, having served as Vice President of Finance & Operations for SmarterHQ through its acquisition by Wunderkind in November 2020. He led the post-merger integration team for Wunderkind and served as its Vice President of People Operations and General Manager of its Indianapolis presence. Tyner is an experienced operator and financial professional who has led 17 rounds of funding – from Angel through Series C-3 – and has advised companies of all sizes and stages.

  • What motivates you? I am driven by and extremely passionate about opportunity creation for all. At the core of what we do here at Elevate, we create opportunities for all stakeholders involved in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • What is your core competency and how do you think it impacts your work at Elevate? I leverage deep financial and operating understanding and best practices to evaluate opportunities but most importantly, through a people-first lens. A business is a stack of legal documents but an organization is the makeup and collective contribution of its team. As organizations mature and teams scale, operational excellence is at the center of what invites growth opportunity and optionality and I look forward to taking a hands on approach in assisting entrepreneurs at every stage progress towards it.
  • What from your experience directly impacts your work today? Over the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to lead and advise on many rounds of financing, leveraging a myriad of investment vehicles, from the operator’s chair. That experience lends itself to assisting stakeholders on all sides of a transaction to reach resolution expeditiously.