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Nanovis Wins the Global Health & Pharma 2018 Technology Awards

February 5, 2019

Nanovis today announced that Global Health & Pharma magazine recognized Nanovis as the Best Nanotechnology Driven Implant Company, 2018.

Nanovis is a technology-driven growth company committed to helping surgeons and hospitals achieve excellent fixation and infection outcomes using advanced nanotechnology platforms. Its industry-leading fixation technologies offer surgeons and hospitals the best aspects of fixation, visualization, and durability. Nanovis’ developmental infection technology platforms promise to offer surgeons and hospitals much-needed bactericidal solutions.

“Nanovis is honored to be recognized for the technology award by Global Health & Pharma,” says Nanovis CEO Matt Hedrick. “It validates the progress we’ve made towards our vision of discovering, licensing and launching the best spinal implant technologies for fixation and infection.

Our technology driven approach is creating a lot of energy with our customers and within Nanovis. Sales of our fixation technologies are increasing rapidly, and our next generation technologies are killing virulent and deadly antimicrobial resistant bacteria while still growing bone. This creates tremendous urgency for us to safely and responsibly bring these technologies to patients who can benefit from them. Many of our customer’s work with Nanovis not only because of our fixation technology enhanced spinal implants but also to help support this vision”

Now in its third year, Global Health & Pharma’s Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards celebrate the contributions made by organizations and individuals operating within the world’s most vital industries. The awards are given solely on merit.

“It is our desire to reward those who demonstrate dedication to furthering the advancements within healthcare and pharmaceutical services and products,” Katherine Benton, Awards Coordinator said. “For this reason, we have developed a merit-based judging process providing entrants with the opportunity to share their proudest moments, and greatest achievements within the healing arts.”

Since its inception in 2006, Nanovis has been offering spine surgeons a portfolio of spinal implants with the most advanced fixation technology available, providing surgeons the best aspects of fixation, visualization, and durability.

Today, Nanovis is working to add a bactericidal capability to its fixation technologies as well as technology to treat and prevent localized infections, even those caused by some of the most virulent and deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria in the world today.

For information about distribution opportunities, please contact Jeff Shepherd, Vice President of Sales, at

About Nanovis

Nanovis’ mission is to develop science-enhanced, life-improving technologies. The Company’s patented and proprietary regenerative technology platforms provide differentiated surface advantages enabling the potential for existing medical devices to achieve new outcomes. Focused on aggressive, sustainable growth across multiple markets, Nanovis is commercializing science-driven platforms: the deeply porous scaffold currently available with the FortiCore® line of interbody fusion devices (deeply porous ti scaffold licensed from Sites Medical); an advanced nano-surface technology in development; a surface technology with anti-colonization and anti-microbial capabilities in pre-clinical studies, and a localized infection technology targeted toward anti-microbial resistant bacteria in pre-clinical studies.

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