Prosolia, Inc.


Prosolia, Inc. is a development stage company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative life science tools that expand the use of mass spectrometers for translational research and molecular analysis. The company’s technologies enable a wide variety of basic research, translational science and chemical analysis applications and deliver lower operating costs and faster results by eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly and error-prone sample preparation steps. Prosolia’s products provide scientifically valuable molecular information from cells and tissue sections, as well as, quantitative data on drugs and metabolites in biological fluids. DESI 2D™ and flowprobe™ directly profile hundreds of molecules simultaneously from cells and tissue sections, among other surfaces, while the Velox 360™ System yields quantitative results on drugs in biofluids using a single-use, disposable cartridge. Initially adopted by research laboratories, the company has expanded its solutions to serve laboratories worldwide performing clinical research, forensic toxicology, and preclinical research for drug discovery.