RAZOR Medical Instruments, Inc. Announces Completion of an Initial Series of Surgeries Using RAZOR Single-Use Acetabular Reamers

Warsaw IN  — Razor Medical Instruments, Inc. announced today that RAZOR Single-Use Acetabular Reamers have been used in over 150 hip replacement surgeries.

“We are thrilled to announce this milestone achievement for our RAZOR Single-Use Acetabular Reamers. This is the first of many single-use instruments that we will be commercializing to optimize surgical efficiencies and reduce overall cost. We are grateful to our surgeon advisory board and OEM customers who continue to guide us down this path,” said Bruce Khalili, President and Chief Technology Officer.”

RAZOR Reamers are always new and thus always sharp, making it possible to use only one reamer before cup insertion. This single-use reamer is a first step in a model that can disrupt the traditional operating room supply chain, saving many different costly steps.” commented Dr James Caillouette, a member of the surgeon advisory board.

About Razor Medical Instruments, Inc.
Razor Medical Instruments is a medical device instrumentation company that aims to optimize patient safety, surgical outcomes and efficiencies in joint arthroplasty by developing transformative and sustainable single-use instrument technologies
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