The Why, How, and When of Sales

The hallmark of many great technical founder/CEOs is that they envision a better way of doing things, and that’s why they’re building a company that delivers on that better way, often disrupting the way things have always been done before. But this very mindset can backfire when it comes to sales. Why shouldn’t they reinvent the sales process?

On this episode of the a16z Podcast — with a16z’s Mark Cranney (head of our sales and market development team), Lars Dalgaard, and Ben Horowitz — we cover the why, how, and when of sales: why do we even need sales when “a really good product sells itself”; how to organize the sales function depending on what you’re building (especially when what you’re selling is continually changing); and when to bring on that first sales hire.

Finally, how do we wrap our heads around sales culture, competition, and commissions in startups? It doesn’t help when everyone in the company — not just sales reps — are the ones building the very thing you’re selling … so why the special rewards for sales? It isn’t fair! Or is it? All this and more in this episode of the pod.

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