Chris Huxhold

Chris Huxhold

Vice President of Finance

Chris Huxhold is the Vice President of Finance for Elevate. He started his career in Public Accounting and joined Elevate after recent stints leading finance and operations for software companies here in Indianapolis. Most recently, he was at a marketing technology company serving content marketers focused on global content management and amplification. Prior to that, Chris held that same position for a legal technology company which powered contract execution for large enterprises at scale and was there through our acquisition by and integration into a San Francisco-based contract lifecycle management (CLM) company.

Chris is grateful for these unique opportunities as they taught him so much in very different ways about the challenges associated with building and operating venture-backed companies. He is eager to be on the other side of the table working with the Elevate team to educate and empower founding teams and improve the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indiana. Elevate is such a unique organization with an incredible opportunity in front of it to create so much value for Indiana.

My personal mission statement is that I exist to restore, affirm and create worth and value in the world around me and that manifests in many ways. Elevate’s mission aligns so well with that and it allows me to give back to the state that I love and that has given me and my family so much.


Chris’ greatest gift is being a dad to Hudson who attends the Oaks Academy Brookside Campus. Chris is a lifelong Hoosier and proud alum of Purdue University – Go Boilers! He is passionate about learning, serving, sports/wellness, family and community. He is naturally a storyteller and loves to build and those traits lend themselves well in helping entrepreneurs chart the financial path to actualizing their big dreams and visions.