Omari Robinson

Omari Robinson


Omari is an analyst at Elevate Ventures. With a strong foundation in economics, investment management, and financial planning, Omari joins the Elevate team with valuable expertise in finance, which is essential for due diligence, quarterly reporting, and other investment team functions. Before his time at Elevate, Omari was in the wealth management industry, working for a registered investment advisory firm in Carmel.

Omari graduated from Indiana University, Indianapolis, with a Master’s in Economics. Omari also is a Certified Financial Planner™.  Outside of work, Omari enjoys traveling and trying new experiences.

Elevate Venture embodies the three big “I’s”I am passionate about. These “I’s” are innovation, inspiring others, and Indiana. 


being at the edge of innovation is usually tech and science-related industries, which have always been some of my favorite passions; innovation is at the heart of my excitement. 

‘Many kids love Disney World and remember it for Magic or Animal Kingdom, but unlike many others, my favorite Disney park was Epcot growing up as a kid. Epcot was my favorite not because of the rides; instead, it allowed me to glance into the future of tech. It is full of technological advances, but what is interesting is they coupled science/tech with liberal arts. In Epcot, you can travel to different regions of the world and experience their culture. Epcot combines what many people consider complete opposites.   

I see Elevate being similar to Epcot. It combines innovation and opportunity (Science and Tech) with people and relationships (Liberal Arts). Being a fund and having EIRs as in-house resources, Elevate understands that people, community, and relationships are essential and long-lasting while knowing that innovation is dynamic and ever-changing. The way Elevate plays a role in this dichotomous relationship between science and art is the exact reason I want to work at Elevate.   

Inspiring others

Similar to innovation, I want to inspire others to grow and be their best. I am huge on relationship building, integrity, leadership, and community. 


Born and raised in Indiana, I want to be able to participate in its growth and help people in my city achieve their business goals.