Titi Obasanya

Titi Obasanya

Vice President of Software

Titi is Vice President of Software at Elevate. As a seasoned startup, business advisor, and ecosystem builder, she brings a wealth of knowledge to help early-stage companies thrive by leveraging her work experience across multiple continents. Before joining Elevate Ventures, she was a Startup Consultant for the International Trade Center (ITC), a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization fully dedicated to enterprise development in developing countries. She was also a mentor for the University of Surrey Student Enterprise program in the UK and a panelist for the SETSquared partnership in Bristol, a collaboration of five top UK universities championing innovation.

In the early phase of Titi’s career, as a non-practicing UK qualified Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant, she supported entrepreneurs across multiple sectors as a business plan and strategy consultant. 

Meeting entrepreneurs and getting a first-hand opportunity to learn about their inventions, innovations, and entrepreneurial journeys is very special.

In recognition of her entrepreneurial pursuits, she was selected as one of the top 10 winners of the British Council’s Creative Enterprise Challenge in 2016 out of over 10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs. It was during this period that she formed Startup Desk (www.startupdesk.org)

In addition to Titi’s professional work, she writes songs, short stories, haikus, and free verse poetry. She has recently published some of her spoken word pieces that are available on streaming platforms. Titi is a published author with Evans Book Publishers on her first novella, “Tales of a Dressmaker.” This work has been approved as a recommended literature text for all junior secondary students (1) in Nigeria. 

Beyond her creative endeavors, Titi is highly interested in collaborating on activities that foster the growth of startup ecosystems worldwide.