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9 SaaS Solutions You Didn’t Know You Needed for 2017

January 9, 2017

The software-as-a-service market is currently worth a whopping $4.7 billion, according to Gartner, with no signs of slowing. With SaaS growing as much as 20 percent year over year, new solutions are launched every day. So, how can your small business capitalize on software innovations to make more money in 2017?

Below are 10 SaaS options in three categories to consider for the coming year – from marketing tools, to data management platforms, to security solutions. Whether you’re looking to engage prospects, forecast trends, improve your app’s performance or secure your data, there’s SaaS for that.


1) Marketing leaders need visibility into the full scale of creative content going out the door. ATOMIZED is a visual content calendar that allows marketing and creative teams to compare content across more than 350 marketing platforms – including social, TV, outdoor and print. The platform allows teams to see all scheduled content on one screen at any time. ATOMIZED saves each user an average of 20 hours per month and is cloud-based for collaboration regardless of location.

2) Sigstr unlocks employee email, like Gmail and Outlook, as an owned channel by providing simple, central control over your company’s email signature. The SaaS product drives brand compliance and delivers real marketing ROI. Sigstr customers, like Angie’s List, ReturnPath, Indiana Pacers and California Closets, use clickable call-to-action banners to bring awareness and encourage engagement for key events, case studies, product updates and job opportunities.


3) Currently helping thousands of SMBs access their social media success, Likeable Local helps grow businesses with social media. (Disclosure: I am their founder and CEO). The software monitors social media for conversations relevant to a customer’s business in a listening platform. It automatically suggests content to publish from a library of tens of thousands of industry-specific updates, plus you can schedule Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn postings at once. Finally, its Turboboost technology amplifies all of your posts, so you can reach more prospects and customers across the social web.


Data Management

4) As cloud-based applications increase in popularity and accessibility, organizations often do not have insight into what they pay for and use. Enter: Zylo, software optimization platform. Zylo’s aim is to provide insight into app purchases across entire organizations, find opportunities for new efficiencies, gauge employee feedback about applications, and manage high volumes of renewals and SaaS vendor relationships with contracts stored in one place.


5) Apteligent is a predictive mobile app platform that helps businesses evaluate apps for optimal performance. With Apteligent, customers can leverage billions of data points about the mobile ecosystem to benchmark apps and make data-driven decisions; track key metrics, improve app release-over-release, and focus on issues that matter to users; and, capture real-time event data from key user flows. Apteligent’s data helps businesses make strategic decisions that affects the bottom line.


6) Formstack is an online form building solution that allows organizations to easily and securely gather and store information. Formstack is integrated with more than 40 web apps to seamlessly automate data collection, ensuring effortless management and optimization. They have developed solutions for numerous industries and departments, including healthcare, human resources, and information technology teams. Formstack provides a major boost to organizations looking to save time while improving consistency and flexibility.



7) CloudPassage provides an on-demand, automated security platform that works in any infrastructure, at any scale. CloudPassage’s solution deploys in minutes and scales dynamically — with no servers to provision and configure. It allows customers to deploy layered security at every workload to ensure information and critical data is safe.


8) Bluelock is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service provider that is changing the way businesses protect their data and stay open for business. They provide expert guidance, tailored solutions and proactive people-focused support so business leaders can concentrate on propelling their business forward. Their team of experts is dedicated to ensuring partner companies consistently deliver a secure, seamless, digital experience, even for the most complex IT environments.


9) The worst thing that can happen to your budding business is a data breach or theft of intellectual property. SmartFile, a leader in file governance and management, offers consumer-grade file sharing that makes it easy to see where files are being shared, with whom, and how often. Keeping a tight rein on data and information from your company shouldn’t be hard work. Both HIPAA-compliant and fully encrypted, the software platform enables any company to seamlessly share and organize data in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

These 9 SaaS companies are changing the way millions of small businesses do business! Is your business changing with them?