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Beyond Acquires Non-Profit Platform Boosterville

July 19, 2018

PRINCETON, N.J., July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Beyond, the business tools and services company founded by Robert O. Carr, announced its acquisition of Boosterville, a technology that connects non-profit organizations with local merchants. The platform, rebranded Chip-In, will be utilized by non-profits as a fundraising tool to facilitate an increase in digital donations. For businesses, the Chip-In program is an affordable way to drive new business, convert loyal customers, and manage donation requests. With the new robust mobile application, consumers make deliberate decisions about which businesses to support based on their cause affinities. The acquisition furthers Beyond’s mission to strengthen businesses and communities across the country.

In just over one year, Beyond has built a product suite to streamline processes for small and mid-sized enterprises, including payment processing, employee management, point-of-sale, and lending. The launch of Chip-In expands its focus to non-profit organizations, an underserved market with many of the same operational needs as for-profit businesses.

“We believe the acquisition of Boosterville will be instrumental in our company’s continued growth. Our new Chip-In program empowers local businesses to support non-profit groups in their community while also ensuring that support makes financial sense. In turn, non-profits play a key role in building a flourishing local business community by reciprocating and supporting those businesses with their collective buying power. As buyers continue to be more intentional about where they shop, the Chip-In app makes it easy to find businesses that donate to causes they care about,” stated Beyond CEO Robert Carr.

In 2013, Pam and Tom Cooper founded Boosterville as “a better way to fundraise than selling wrapping paper, cookie dough and other trinkets.” They built a robust platform to partner school fundraising with supporting community businesses. Now, with Boosterville team member Jill Turcic, they join Beyond to continue to develop their non-profit technology.

About Beyond

Beyond is a financial technology and transactions company offering a suite of business tools and services including payment processing, employee management (payroll, HR, compliance), lending, and point-of-sale. Founder and CEO Robert O. Carr launched Beyond in 2017 with non-profit Give Something Back designated as a founding partner and beneficiary.

About Boosterville

Boosterville is a platform that connects businesses with cause-driven buyers. Non-profit groups encourage their supporters to shop at participating businesses that then share a portion of those sales with the non-profit.

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