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Cy Megnin

Vice President, Software

Cy Megnin has been an entrepreneur, founder and advisor for the past two decades. Past companies include Intel Capital portfolio company PrepFlash, an AI company that uses NLP to automatically create flashcards from any content, and CloudCoreo, a configuration management company that garnered investment from Microsoft and ultimately sold to VMware. Cy was in the 2014 class of “Forty Under 40” for Professional Remodeler Magazine at the helm of the long-running real estate investment firm OCPS and was twice-featured on TLC’s hit TV show “Flip That House”.

He is currently back in his hometown of Bloomington, Ind. with his wife Andrea and son Jack working for Elevate Ventures as Vice President of Software after spending the last 15 years in Austin, Seattle and the Bay area. He has a degree in Economics from Indiana University and an MBA from Baylor University, where he is an executive judge for their annual MBA Ethics competition.

  • What is the most important thing you do for Elevate Ventures’ clients/constituents? My colleagues and I all became EIRs because we like helping people through the challenges of starting a high growth business.
  • What is your core competency and how do you think it impacts your work at Elevate? I am a naturally curious person, when I meet people I ask a lot of questions and as I am hearing answers I am filling all of that information into buckets. Who do I know that can help this person, and who do I know that this person can help? Sometimes those connections are immediate and sometimes it is months later, but eventually, I make a connection.
  • Any “did you know?” random facts about yourself to share? I still have a huge passion for construction and work on my own house often.