Elevate Southwest Indiana x ZeroCarb LYFE

“One successful startup in a region is vital to showing other entrepreneurs what is possible.” -Omar Atia, CEO & Co-Founder of ZeroCarb LYFE 

ZeroCarb LYFE is a food tech company with the mission to bring back joy into eating healthy food. Co-Founders Omar Atia and Mohamed Aly invented and launched multiple high protein, low/no carb foods that taste as good as, or better than, their carb-loaded alternatives. They currently sell chicken-based pizza crusts and frozen pizzas in the B2B and B2C channels and will launch chips, breadcrumbs, pasta, and taco shells over the next 12-18 months. ZeroCarb LYFE products contain 4 simple ingredients: chicken breast, olive oil, salt, and spices.

Like ZeroCarb LYFE, Southwest Indiana has 4 ingredients, that, according to Omar, “give the region a huge advantage.”

  • An Up-and-Coming Ecosystem:
    ZeroCarb LYFE has greatly benefited from a community that is small enough to connect with everyone yet large enough to have a meaningful impact and scale startups.
  • Geographic Advantage:
    The region’s unique proximity (under 3 hours) to Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri has allowed ZeroCarb LYFE’s team to forge new business networks and opportunities. (ZeroCarb LYFE Frozen Pizzas are now available in 80 Schnucks stores around the St. Louis Area)
  • Strength in Logistics:
    The infrastructure in the Southwest Region (and all of Indiana) has provided easy access to manufacturing and warehouse options to best suit ZeroCarb LYFE’s growing needs. Indiana Ranks No. 1 for Infrastructure in Top States for Business Report
  • Fostering Diversity:
    Omar notes, “the Southwest Indiana ecosystem has experienced a recent massive growth in the emphasis on minority business success and realization of the uniqueness of needs the minority founders and entrepreneurs need to feel included and to thrive compared to before.”

ZeroCarb LYFE is quick to praise the region for all its efforts to promote and support entrepreneurship. Omar recalls the ISBDC resources he received, the connections and built-in focus groups through Cowork Evansville, and the openness of many local restaurants, who were all instrumental in their journey and early success.

As it experiences a 16x growth in year-over-year quarterly sales, ZeroCarb LYFE is a growing company that Evansville, the Southwest Region, and the state of Indiana can be proud of.

“The success and excitement around ZeroCarb has energized the Evansville region.  They have shown that innovation-driven, high-growth businesses can be built locally and have inspired other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps.” – Eric Steele, EIR for Elevate Southwest Indiana.

“Whether you are an investor in foods/food tech or an individual who sees the great potential of our region – there is no better time to build with us and join our fast-growing movement.” – ZeroCarb LYFE.