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New Albany Startup Receives $40,000 Investment

March 3, 2020

Enriched Couples helps young couples forge financial teamwork and communication skills based on trust

New Albany, Ind. – Enriched Couples today announced the receipt of two investments from Elevate Ventures totaling $40,000. One investment came from the Elevate Nexus program, which is focused on innovation in early-stage companies affiliated with university partners. The second was through Elevate’s Community Ideation Fund in partnership with the 1804 Entrepreneur Center.

“Enriched Couples is perfectly positioned to address the growth potential at the intersection of fintech and wellness,” said Kyle Keeney, an Elevate Ventures Entrepreneur-in-Residence focused on the southern Indiana region. “Innovation-driven startups like this are crucial to a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we are excited to see what’s next.”

Enriched Couples, a financial wellness platform, is designed to help millennial and Gen Z couples communicate and develop financial teamwork skills. The proprietary cognitive-behavioral approach blends psychology with financial empowerment.

Enriched Couples was a 2020 graduate of the inaugural Elevate Origins program, which helps entrepreneurs prepare for Elevate Nexus pitch competitions, and a 2018 recipient of the Louisville-based Vogt Awards.

“Millennials and Gen Z adults are facing intense financial pressure and anxiety about their futures. That puts a lot of pressure on relationships,” said Annette Miller, co-founder of Enriched Couples. “But because it is difficult to say, ‘Hey, hon, what are your needs and concerns in our financial partnership?,’ couples usually default to trial and error or putting their heads in the sand. What we’re so excited about is the huge opportunity to help couples forge that teamwork and trust immediately. Our platform helps them discover and maintain that.”

The funding will be used to publicly launch the fully automated platform and to partner with consumer health and financial services leaders. The product is projected to launch in May 2020.

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