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Nicholas Kuhn

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Startup South Bend-Elkhart

Nicholas Kuhn serves as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for North Central Indiana. After graduating from Purdue University in construction management, Nicholas worked in the commercial & real estate industry and obtained his MBA from Loyola University – Chicago. In 2006, he started a real estate management firm that grew and scaled over seven years, exiting in 2013. He later founded companies in the hospitality and e-commerce spaces.

  • What is the most important thing you do for Elevate Ventures’ clients/constituents? I am here to serve the local entrepreneurs. Each individual and opportunity are unique, so spending the time to understand your goals, and how I can assist is the most important thing.
  • What from your past experience directly impacts your work today? Having walked the founders journey several times, I can empathize with the struggles, like loneliness and isolation. Also, I love to celebrate the wins, overcoming obstacles should be celebrated not overlooked.
  • What is your claim to fame? I hung out with Drew Brees in my dorm room.