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March 7, 2019

Lead management system delivering, on average,50% higher lead-to-sale lift for home furnishing retailer clients, now fully integrated into PERQ’s Marketing Cloud. Indianapolis, IN – March 7, 2019PERQ, experts in online consumer engagement and behavior, has acquired Who’s Up, a full featured retail ‘up system’ and CRM (customer relationship management) tool for managing leads and in-store customers. PERQ, which has been working in partnership with Who’s Up since April, has now fully integrated the new CRM system into its Marketing Cloud, empowering home furnishing retailers with the tools they need to convert their increasing volume of web leads into showroom sales. PERQ is the only solution in the home furnishings industry to offer a custom-designed user-friendly CRM system.


“The extraordinary results for clients from our partnership with Who’s Up have led to its full integration into our company and into the solution we offer our home furnishings customers,” said PERQ Executive Chairman & Co-Founder Scott Hill. According to Hill, clients who have been using the Who’s Up CRM system have experienced, on average, an estimated 50% higher lead-to-sale lift.


Both mobile and web-based, Who’s Up was specifically designed to help home furnishing retailers easily manage their in-store sales flow. The software includes rich performance reporting tools for a great customer experience and increased sales conversions, and it offers an unprecedented opportunity to organize critical digital prospect and customer data. Completely user-friendly and with turnkey installation, the system focuses on not only helping the sales team manage their sales leads, but also on providing visibility into the specific website behavior of those leads so that sales personnel can build relevant relationships with prospects before they come into the store.


“We are also very pleased that Who’s Up founder Brad Eaton has joined PERQ, adding his deep expertise to our innovation team, which is laser-focused on building out a complete solution to engage, convert, and manage relationships with consumers before they come into the store,” said Hill.


Said PERQ client Bryan Scott, President of Big Sandy Superstores: “PERQ is on the forefront of the digital revolution within the home furnishings industry and their acquisition of Who’s Up just strengthens their ability to provide a complete digital solution to the brick and mortar home furnishings retailers.”


“Our mission, since we entered this market, has been to help home furnishing retailers bridge the divide between digital and in-person retailing,” continued Hill. “Our tools have increasingly helped convert their anonymous digital visitors into known leads and in-store prospects which has meant many more leads to manage, many more opportunities to sell. With the new CRM, our clients can better manage and organize that increased volume of leads with new visibility for better engagement and conversion before prospects come in store — and a more informed interaction when they arrive.”


Home furnishing retailers are already benefiting: for example, according to Zachary Angarano, General Manager of Markson’s Furniture, PERQ’s lead creation and lead management is the most innovative system he’s seen so far. “PERQ’s new CRM has lifted the veil from our traffic counts and actually given meaning to formerly ‘anonymous’ visitors. It has created a tangible smoothness from home to store: customers come in asking for the salesperson that followed up with them and are armed with the information that led to their visit. It often feels like a shorter visit, and definitely an easier one,” said Angarano. “The trust has already been built and creates a meaningful relationship between our company, our people and our customers. The impact on sales goes without saying.”


And Bryan Scott of Big Sandy Superstore added: “In order to remain relevant and continue to grow in today’s retail environment, we have to embrace technology and focus on building the digital relationship first. The relationship between the consumer and the retailer has to be seamless between digital and in-person. PERQ and Who’s Up now gives us the ability to leverage that relationship across all channels.”


Among the key features of PERQ’s CRM are:

Centralized Lead Data:

  • All lead data is stored in one place, with detailed consumer history
  • Retailers can access leads from any device

Filter In-market Leads

  • Filter leads based on intent to purchase or product of interest
  • Color-coding helps easily identify and segment types of leads

Build relationships Before In-store Visits

  • Log all communication with consumers
  • Easily identify consumers for follow up

The new CRM system is part of the PERQ Marketing Cloud, a first-ever integrated suite of AI-driven technology products specifically designed to power the consumer experience and help home furnishing retailers increase online engagement, improve conversion rates and increase in-store sales. The Marketing Cloud extends the power of PERQ’s data-rich, AI-driven shopping tools with the addition of comprehensive, personalized digital marketing solutions, targeting shoppers across the entire research phase. PERQ’s Marketing Cloud helps furniture retailers optimize their digital advertising strategy and get 100% transparency into their online spend, including overall revenue from consumers that engaged with online advertising and the store’s website before buying.