Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance

As an entrepreneur, you’re running fast, lean, and likely resource-strapped. Spending time on your financials may not be your top priority, or maybe it’s a little scary for you. But, to effectively fundraise, or even begin a conversation with an investor, you’ll need to get your company’s financials in-order. A sound understanding of your financials indicates how savvy you are as an entrepreneur, and how well you understand and operate your business. Need help with the basic components of financials? Keep reading!

In collaboration with Purdue Foundry and the Anvil, Elevate Ventures brought in speaker Brett Sharp, to walk companies through the basics when it comes to financials and capitalization tables. This two-day course covered the basics of entrepreneurial finance and using real  life examples, we dove into the following topics:

  • Introduction to Accounting Concepts
  • Creating a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, & Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Reporting and Key Financial Metrics
  • Raising Capital and Building a Cap table
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Concepts
  • Identifying Key Financial and Risk Partners

Day 1 Materials:

Slides from Day 1 can be accessed here


Day 2 Materials:

Slides from Day 2 can be accessed here