South Bend-Based Tessellated Receives $20,000 Investment

South Bend, Ind. (April 27, 2022) – Tessellated, a South Bend-based startup, has received a $20,000 investment from Elevate Ventures. The funding, through Elevate’s Community Ideation Fund, will enable the company to scale its innovative new technology from university laboratory to commercial production. 

Tessellated develops high-strength composite plastics enabling businesses to make their products lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly. The company was spun out from research conducted at the University of Notre Dame. 

“This is an outstanding example of the talent and technology coming out of the north-central region,” said Nicholas Kuhn, Elevate Ventures’ entrepreneur-in-residence serving Startup South Bend-Elkhart, a partnership supporting entrepreneurs in north-central Indiana. “Tessellated is addressing a critical need for more environmentally friendly manufacturing and we are excited to support their growth.” 

The company plans to use the funding to scale up research and development and to fuel product commercialization. 

“Without Elevate funding we would not have been able to move the needle on scaling our product to a point that customers were interested,” said CEO Kevin Craig. “We could not produce the size of material prospective customers needed to test in their applications. This is a classic startup dilemma solved by community investment.” 

Tessellated received a $20,000 pre-seed investment from the Elevate Nexus Regional Pitch Competition in 2021.