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Terminus and Sigstr Partner to Help Customers Bring Relationship Intelligence to Account-Based Marketing

January 10, 2019

ATLANTA, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Terminus, the #1 rated account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform and leader of the ABM movement, today announces it has formed a strategic partnership with Sigstr, the leading relationship marketing platform that powers Sigstr Relationships. The two companies have joined forces to unify sales and marketing teams through deeper, full-funnel account intelligence and shared mechanisms for accountability. Sigstr Relationships uses artificial intelligence (AI) to score and quantify the relationships a brand has with its customers and prospects. The partnership between Sigstr and Terminus brings sales deeper into the ABM conversation, making sales teams even more of a stakeholder in ABM efforts, and giving them a way to measure their progress in an account-based way.

“Sigstr Relationships perfectly aligns with Terminus’ account-based platform, as both exist to empower sales and marketing to get better results with ABM,” says Bryan Wade, CEO of Sigstr. “When customers use Sigstr Relationships and Terminus together, they’ll be able to leverage a new signal of engagement, the Sigstr Relationship Score, to power ABM. They’ll also have the insight they need to ensure the sales and marketing alignment that will help them move forward as a company.”

Bringing Sigstr Relationships into the Terminus account-based platform enables organizations to better recognize opportunities to drive revenue across their target accounts. Understanding overall engagement at an account level has always been a key capability in the Terminus platform. With Sigstr Relationships as a native data source, customers are now able to understand how decision-makers are engaging through the entire customer lifecycle and drive more strategic relationship development. With powerful technology that scores the strength, spread and scope of the human-to-human connections within each account, Sigstr and Terminus can help align sales and marketing teams, improve segmentation and empower better execution of marketing strategies that drive meaningful engagement.

“Enabling marketing and sales teams to apply the right resources and focus on their best-fit accounts has historically been a huge source of friction in many companies,” says Bryan Brown, chief product officer at Terminus. “ABM has been a massive help in bringing these teams together around an aligned strategy and plan. This partnership with Sigstr allows us to provide even better intelligence at an account level to not only understand overall engagement, but to also see the human relationship strength across the account. Armed with this added capability, marketing and sales teams can better identify the right tactics to accelerate pipeline and drive revenue with ABM.”

To learn more, or to request a demo, please visit the Sigstr + Terminus integration page.

About Terminus

Founded in 2014, Terminus is the leader of the account-based movement. We help our customers transform B2B marketing by focusing sales and marketing resources on the best-fit, most likely to buy segments of their addressable market. Our platform empowers marketing teams to easily build, operate, and measure scalable account-based initiatives that drive quality growth. We partner with hundreds of marketing organizations at companies like Salesforce, GE, Verizon, 3M, and CA Technologies to provide the technology and expertise that produce exceptional results.

About Sigstr

Sigstr is a relationship marketing platform that turns the billions of 1:1 emails sent every year into powerful brand engagements and practical relationship intelligence. With integrations into the leading CRMs, MAPs and Marketing Technologies, Sigstr helps companies get more out of their employee email by turning it into a channel that understands and engages their most important audiences. Leading brands like AT&T, Amazon, SendGrid, Terminus, and Yext are using Sigstr to amplify the value of every email their employees send. Visit to learn more or connect with Sigstr on Twitter or LinkedIn.