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Blue Pillar’s DIY Management Platform Promises to Improve IoT Network Performance

February 7, 2019

Blue Pillar, a well-known IoT network solutions company has announced a new Deploy-It-Yourself Management Platform that aims to deliver a seamless experience for businesses that wish to employ IoT solutions for commercial or industrial purposes.

The new platform will provide software developers, energy companies and maintenance service providers with the ability to use an intuitive platform that is able to quote, design, install, configure and manage IoT networks at a high-quality standard that is guaranteed.

In the initial stage the platform will allow Blue Pillar to maximize the connectivity potential between energy-focused systems and equipment’s like electricity generators, solar energy storage, utility meters (electric, water and gas), boilers, Distributed Energy resources and other. As time passes the platform will add the possibility to connect non-energy energy equipment and sensors.

The company established its reputation back in 2017 when it released its famous Network-as-a-service (or NAAS) program. The initiative helped thousands of companies from all over the world but a specific type of customer began to surface, bringing the need to innovate. These customers required the implementation of complex IoT system, and the effort to tune each individual system according to the demands of the client led to delays and increased costs.

The DIYMP platform was unexpectedly crafted by a team that has a decade-long experience with all things IoT. Below are some of the features:

The Blue Pillar Operating System

A custom-made IoT OS that can be loaded on third-party gateway and provides a variety of advantages among which we can count  several connectivity protocols, local threshold detection and compatibility with other applications.

Design IoT

A comprehensive solution that can be used in order to identify the best areas for IoT sensors, the costs of installation and the materials that are needed in order to complete the task.

Manage IoT

Allows a back office software solution to be used in order to monitor and manage IoT solutions remotely.

Customers will be able to contact Blue Pillar in order to receive a personalized offer after the first half of February.