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We aim for the highest possible return on investment

Unmatched deal flow • Post investment support • Deep public and private relationships

We aim for the highest possible return on investment

Top-notch due diligence • Coaching entrepreneurs • Relationship-based collaboration • Tapping into top deals early

Our network of investors is one of the largest organized groups of angel investors, angel groups, venture capitalists, and other sources of capital in Indiana.


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Our four-part investment process

1. Top-notch due diligence

We mitigate any potential risks by combing through the details to determine where entrepreneurs are at in the following areas:

Legal Infrastructure
Talent Evaluation
Financial Structure
Market Size/Revenue
Growth Potential
…and More!

2. Coaching entrepreneurs

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) and advisors work with the person/team you are investing in to increase success at all phases.


3. Relationship-based collaboration

We value relationships with our investment partners and will work through the nuanced dynamics of co-investment with you to determine what’s a win-win for everyone.

You determine how active or passive your involvement is

We stay accessible to eliminate unwanted surprises

Clear communication ensures confidence in the process

4. Tapping into top deals early

Our extensive network and intentional programming aid in pinpointing the best deals in the state before investment has been made.

Venture Capital

We’ll help ensure you make the best investment possible, reduce risks, and capture potential deal flow at earlier stages through collaborating with our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Angel Investor

Tap into our vast network of other angel investors, gain clarity on the process, and make deals with real numbers in mind through expert-level due diligence, not just gut feelings.

Ready to collaborate?

Reach out to Sara Omohundro to get started!

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High Alpha

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Hyde Park Angels

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Impact Assets

Indiana Community Business Credit Corp.

Indiana Statewide Certified Development Corp.

Innovate Indiana Fund

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Jupiter Peak Capital

Keshif Ventures

Lewis & Clark Ventures

Lightchain LLC

LYNX Capital Corp.

M25 Group

Maven Ventures

Meridian Street Capital

Middleland Capital

Noyes Indiana Seed Fund (David A. Noyes)

Pearl Street Venture Funds

Plymouth Ventures

Poplar Ventures

ProVF (ACH Ventures)

Racine Medical Angels

Render Capital

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Service Provider Capital

SideCar Angels

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Solyco Advisors

Southwest Angel Network

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The Angel Roundtable

Three Rivers Angel Parallel Fund and Angel Group

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