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Nanovis Announces Commercial Launch of New Nanosurface Technology on Spinal Interbody Implants

August 1, 2019


Nanovis today announced the commercial launch of its bioceramic nanotube enhanced FortiCore interbodies following a successful alpha launch.

The FortiCore interbodies are designed with a unique, proprietary, patent protected bio-ceramic enhanced titanium nanotube surface. The nanotubes are applied to a deeply porous, fully interconnected titanium scaffold intermolded with a PEEK core for preferred modulus and plain x-ray visualization.

A few leading innovators from select areas around the United States were the first in the world to use this new nanotechnology.

Douglas Pahl, MD, Todd Bonvallet, MD, The Hughston Clinic, Columbus, GA
“Implant surface technologies have advanced tremendously. Surgeons can now use interbodies with the most advanced nanotechnology, deep interconnected pores, and excellent visualization. I’m excited by the state of the art in the field today compared to where we were even a year ago. Applying these technologies to an entire spine portfolio offers us the potential to offer patients better fixation after fusion surgeries.” Says Dr. Pahl.

John Gorup, MD, Indiana Spine Center, West Lafayette, IN
“The FortiCore scaffold has performed well for my patients in lumbar and cervical fusions, providing a large area of highly porous, nanotube enhanced surface for bone to interface with before bone has time to grow through the implant. I appreciate that the PEEK core allows me to assess traditional fusion without forcing the use of expensive scans that expose the patient to more radiation.”

Jerome Kolavo, MD, Northwestern Medicine Orthopaedics, Chicago, IL 
“I’m interested in how nanotechnology can help my patients. The combination of cutting-edge nanotechnology on a deeply porous titanium scaffold with excellent visualization of the graft chamber has turned out to be a considerable improvement over traditional PEEK interbodies for my patients. I’m interested in what Nanovis will do with nanosurfaced pedicle screws and the bactericidal bone growth surface they’ve been working on.”

Alan McGee, MD, Orthopedics North East, Fort Wayne, IN 
“I’ve watched this nanotechnology portfolio from shortly after it’s invention. I’m happy with how the interbodies with this nanotechnology performed for my patients so far. Now that we have surfaces designed for bone growth, we need to advance the research to kill any bacteria that tries to colonize the implants during surgery and subsequent wound healing, before that bacteria can cause implant loosening or symptomatic infections.”

“Nanovis is pleased with the success of this alpha launch. The feedback from these innovative and discerning surgeons was positive, encouraging, and primes us for the full commercial launch of our nanotube enhanced FortiCore interbodies. We are committed to reducing the pain and suffering from implant loosening, and plan to apply our nanotube surface on our entire portfolio of spinal implants as fixation challenges occur in every spinal implant application,” says Nanovis, CEO Matt Hedrick.

Nanovis is a platform technology-driven growth company committed to helping surgeons and hospitals achieve excellent fixation and infection outcomes using advanced nanotechnology platforms. Its industry-leading fixation technologies offer surgeons and hospitals the best aspects of fixation, visualization, and durability. Nanovis’ developmental infection technology platforms promise to offer surgeons and hospitals much-needed bactericidal solutions

Nanovis is actively preparing new surgeons and distributors for expansion of the nanotube enhanced FortiCore interbodies. To discuss opportunities, please contact Jeff Shepherd, at Vice President of Sales, Jeff.Shepherd(at)

About Nanovis

Nanovis’ mission is to develop science-enhanced, life-improving technologies. The Company’s patented and proprietary regenerative technology platforms provide differentiated surface advantages enabling the potential for existing medical devices to achieve new outcomes. Focused on aggressive, sustainable growth across multiple markets, Nanovis is commercializing science-driven platforms: the deeply porous Ti scaffold currently available with the FortiCore® line of interbody fusion devices (deeply porous Ti scaffold licensed from Sites Medical); an advanced nano-tube surface technology; a bactericidal surface technology in pre-clinical studies, and a localized infection technology targeted toward anti-microbial resistant bacteria in pre-clinical studies.

If you would like more information about Nanovis, please call:
Guillaume Viallaneix
MedTech Momentum
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