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New Microgrid Opens in Massachusetts

October 23, 2017

A new microgrid has opened at a manufacturing facility in Hingham, Massachusetts.

The microgrid will serve the 120,000-square-foot facility of Russelectric, a manufacturer of power control systems. And, according to, the microgrid includes an emergency diesel back-up generator, a 200-kW AC rooftop solar photovolataic system, a 69 kW/137 kWhr Lithium-ion energy storage system, and the Russelectric Distributed Energy Controller (RDECTM), which manages the system. The grid is interconnected with the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant.

But it is more than just a microgrid, it also serves as an interactive demonstration room with full data visualization and control capabilities, live controls and switchgear. The microgrid will serve Russelectric Innovation Center in this capacity.

The microgrid is now powering the company’s Massachusetts facility with back-up power and peak shaving capabilities.

Microgrids in the News

In September, Commonwealth Edison and the Illinois Institute of Technologyannounced they are partnering to create two microgrids that experiment with new technologies that could better provide electricity during severe weather events. The partnership is made possible with grants from the US Department of Energy.

The main purpose is to figure what will happen when two grids are connected as a cluster – and if that will help keep electricity flowing during adverse weather. According to, the combined microgrids are expected to provide information and assistance to first responders and create a better understanding of how microgrids can be leveraged for emergency response.

And in July, the Tooele Army Depot in Tooele, Utah, announced it will install a 1MW/1MWh grid-tied battery storage system that will serve as a critical component of the facility’s self-sufficient microgrid, providing the depot with energy security and resiliency.

Go Electric Inc. was awarded the contract by Perini Management Services Inc., which will oversee the project. According to, PMSI will interconnect Go Electric’s new generation of battery energy storage system (BESS) to TEAD’s existing 46 kV line. Go Electric’s advanced BESS includes its 1MW lithium-ion battery and its patented AutoLYNC microgrid controller, enabling TEAD to manage and optimize multiple alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) distributed energy resources.