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Pre-Seed Fund

Move closer to your next big milestone

Key information & criteria

Introducing the Pre-Seed Fund

You have the big idea, we have the capital.
We’re here to help your innovation-driven company get off the starting block with the first check needed to execute customer discovery work, build your minimum viable product (MVP), or make your first sale. Elevate Ventures is investing $3M in as many companies as possible, with checks starting at $20K, to help aspirational entrepreneurs with innovative ideas become tomorrow’s leaders of growth-stage companies.
Are you ready to launch your startup or already in the market but need additional capital to validate product-market fit?
The Pre-Seed Fund might be right for you.


$20K – $100K


  • Access to additional funding and resources
  • Potential access to helpful connections
  • Access to additional Elevate initiatives
  • Engage with our Vertical Focused VPs


  • Be Indiana based or willing to relocate.
  • Have a total addressable market (TAM) of over $500M.
  • Have a unique value proposition.
  • Have a committed team with the ambition to create a venture-backed, high-growth enterprise.
  • Can articulate how Pre-Seed investments up to $100K will be sufficient to potentially attract other investors.
  • Be available to present the company pitch deck to the Elevate Ventures Pre-Seed Investment Committee.


  • Pitch Deck (with a clearly identified use of funds to support next milestone achievement)
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Elevate Pre-Seed investments are convertible notes with a 20% discount, 8% interest, and a 3-year maturity. The default initial pre-seed investment amount will be $20,000 on a $2M cap, with a vast majority of awards being at this level regardless of company stage. After the initial $20,000 investments, additional follow-on investments will be considered if companies hit agreed-upon milestones.
In exceptional circumstances, initial investment amounts greater than $20,000 will be considered and dependent upon companies far exceeding traditional milestones. Terms could be negotiable, subject to an evaluation from the Elevate Ventures investment committee if the business is currently in the process of raising a round with commitments already made.

What to expect after applying

Initial Review

We will review your application and help connect you to the best resources for your company.

Speak with an industry expert

If we believe that your business fits Elevate’s requirements, then you will be connected to a VP at Elevate who will coach you through what it takes to create a compelling pitch.

Present to committee

A pre-seed investment committee will evaluate if you are a fit and provide a recommendation for investment.

Final review and closing

The Elevate Investment Committee will then review the recommendation and decide whether to approve it for closing.

Ongoing reporting

Once funding is completed, you are responsible for providing quarterly reports to Elevate while receiving portfolio-company benefits.

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