Employee Policy Manual Sample

Employee Policy Manual Sample

Employee Policy Manuals are important to a company whether they are just starting out, or scaling up. The manual should grow with the company as more and more employees come on board. This Sample Employee Policy Manual should help you state the basic policies of your company that employees need to follow and can reference. This serves as the basis for consistent implementation of your company’s policies and ensures you are being transparent.Employee Policy Manuals are a blessing and a curse. You must be certain to avoid any vulnerability by not inserting the appropriate language. You should have an employment law attorney or human resources consultant review your policies to ensure that they are in compliance with city and state ordinances in all of the jurisdictions in which you operate. This document provides a base document for developing your agreement with your advisors. This does not replace the opinion of an actual attorney and their advice or counsel.

How to Use this Sample

  1. Adjust this document to fit your specific needs.
  2. Have your legal counsel or human resources consultant review the final document.
  3. Provide the document to your employees for their agreement and signature.
  4. Review annually, update for any changes, and obtain new confirmation signatures from employees for each version of the manual.

Click here to access the Sample Employee Policy Manual.