Why Everything Breaks When You Reach 25 Employees

Why Everything Breaks When You Reach 25 Employees

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Congratulations! Your company is growing and you’ve hired a great team. They’ve helped take your fledgling idea and make it more than just a reality, but a bonafide business with revenue that requires commas, an office, and passionate, happy customers.  Unfortunately, the hard work is just beginning.  As a wise friend once told me, “every year is hard; just the challenges are different.”

I’ve spoken to hundreds of leaders and managers as we’ve started Lighthouse and one common pattern we’ve found is somewhere around 25 employees, everything breaks.  If you’re a particularly skilled founder, you may not see this until almost 40 employees, or if you’re a first timer, some of these challenges could strike as early as 10-15 employees.

Regardless of when these problems strike your business, the key is to realize that it’s all about how you handle them.  Even the best companies have problems, and with small, incremental progress to make things better, your company’s engine (your people) will continue humming.

The first step to fixing a problem is to identify it and its causes, so let’s look at why this happens at this stage of company growth.

Why Everything Breaks at 25 Employees (…)

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