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Sight Energy Selects Blue Pillar as IoT Connectivity and Network Enablement Partner

April 22, 2019

Blue Pillar, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) network solutions provider for facility-based data and control systems, today announced it has been selected by eSight Energy, a leading global supplier of enterprise energy management platforms, as their IoT connectivity and network provider. This partnership enables eSight to provide its current and future customers with turnkey connectivity and networking solutions to complement their energy management platform offering while enabling Blue Pillar to offer eSight’s energy management platform as a value-added application to their core Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers.

eSight’s Enterprise Energy Management platform enables clients to import energy data from their customer’s facilities which typically comes from meters, building automation systems, or other equipment. In scenarios whereby there may be a lack of metering data, a requirement to implement metering or data logging, or similar data acquisition challenges, Blue Pillar solves this problem by providing a connectivity platform for the customer site which has been successfully and seamlessly integrated into the eSight platform. This integration will allow eSight to offer an end-to-end solution which combines connectivity and energy management for their customers. Through this combined solution, the customer can more easily tap into eSight’s analytics and management software, which provides end-users with a greater ability to enable cost savings, monitor energy usage, accurately create carbon and sustainability reports, track energy projects against target, manage tenant billing and more.

“Blue Pillar is excited to be working with eSight to showcase how connectivity solutions such as our Aurora platform can be easily integrated into value-added applications and greatly enhance the time-to-value and ease of implementation for C&I customers,” said Tom Willie, CEO of Blue Pillar. “Our C&I customers consistently say they need the data and they need to know what to do once they have it. This partnership with eSight addresses that request.”

eSight’s CEO, Janie Jefferies-Freer said of the announcement, “One of the biggest challenges with energy projects is that of data acquisition. This partnership positions us to manage the end-to-end project for our clients through a single point of contact offering a solution which de-risks, simplifies and reduces costs for our customers. We have worked with Blue Pillar who has used eSight for a number of years already, and know their team and business well. This partnership makes complete sense for us and is a big win for our clients”.

About Blue Pillar
Blue Pillar connects the things that power our world. The only IoT solution which utilizes end-to-end software automation to simplify IoT deployments, Blue Pillar unleashes the power of real-time data to strengthen critical infrastructure and accelerate business. With Blue Pillar, companies have unprecedented insight into their energy needs to become more efficient and have peace of mind that when the grid goes down, their business will continue forward. Learn more at or on Twitter at @bluepillarinc.

About eSight Energy
eSight Energy is a leading developer and supplier of energy management software. The eSight platform is available as an Enterprise or a Cloud based solution offering multi-lingual, multi-currency technology for clients across an expansive range of sectors. The eSight Group is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with the US company HQ in Chicago, IL.
eSight’s software solution offers a wide range of functionalities including tracking and analyzing energy consumption, identifying and managing ECMs (energy conservation measures), predictive usage, tenant billing and many other building analytics targeted towards helping companies make informed improvements to building operational efficiency. eSight is able to analyze complex energy environments by taking energy and other related performance data from disparate systems into a single application. Learn more at