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April 4, 2019

Springbuk®, the leading Health Intelligence platform relied on by 2,500 employers nationwide, today announces a round of enhancements to its platform that combine data analytics with data science to help employers better manage healthcare and benefits costs, realize the value of their most important resource, and improve population health.

Moving beyond traditional healthcare analytics, Springbuk is arming employers with access to insights and actionable opportunities, ultimately mitigating financial risks and managing overall costs. The new features of Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform include:

Forecasted Insights
Identify members within a population who are at-risk of developing health conditions and then get actionable information including appropriate treatment, disease management resources and risk mitigation strategies. At-risk employees are identified based on a proprietary algorithm using a database of existing claims. This intelligence empowers insurance brokers, enterprise employers, onsite clinics and wellness vendors to quickly build focus populations and provide actionable steps to decrease costs overall.

Analyst Intelligence
Quickly and easily find answers to common questions, such as: “What’s the average cost of a knee replacement?” Also view related questions and topics with instant answers, search through trending topics, or browse the questions catalog. Springbuk incorporates complex logic in conjunction with industry expertise to provide information in a streamlined Q&A experience. This feature empowers users to get answers quickly so they can spend more time acting on data and less time wading through information.

Insight Stream
Curated opportunities are identified and presented across five categories: Risk Mitigation, Care Efficiency, Drug Savings, Steerage Procedures and Potentially Unnecessary Procedures. Detailed recommendations are then provided for cost savings or intervention. Within Insight Stream, users are provided with curated content to improve health and care efficiency for employees and dependents, focusing on strategies and tools to mitigate risk, decrease cost, and track improvements over time.

Custom Insights
Collaborate with Springbuk’s Health Intelligence team to develop custom, actionable insights with algorithmic logic, specific to business needs. Custom data is presented in Insight Stream where users can use the full functionality of the Health Intelligence platform.

“The standard practice in healthcare analytics is to only provide employers with data and dashboards. At Springbuk, we don’t stop there,” said Rod Reasen, co-founder and CEO of Springbuk. “To improve health in the future, analytics won’t be enough. Not only does our Health Intelligence platform provide employers with data, but we uncover what specific steps to take to decrease costs and improve outcomes.”

Built by a team of clinicians, health economists and data scientists, Springbuk’s technology enables employers and advisors to spend less time trying to understand complicated healthcare data so they can act on targeted recommendations to make the largest impact on their population.

To introduce its new platform features to employers across the country, Springbuk is going on a Health Intelligence Tour, making stops in New York City (April 4), Dallas-Fort Worth (April 11) and Chicago (April 18).

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About Springbuk
Springbuk is a Health Intelligence platform empowering everyone in an employers’ health ecosystem through actionable insights to improve their population’s well-being and contain health costs. Its platform is leveraged by employers, advisors, onsite clinics, third-party administrators and wellness vendors to identify avoidable medical and prescription spend. These insights allow every stakeholder to make smarter decisions regarding the health of their employee populations. As healthcare costs are rising, Springbuk is working with employers across the country to fight back. Learn more at

Media Contact
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